Testimonials 评价

Feedback from visiting wildlife watching tourists:



June 2018

“As a professional animal illustrator, I had the pleasure of traveling to your area of the National Park and I was very impressed by the variety of wildlife and the beauty of these landscapes. But also meet your team from your NGO, and see the actions you take for the environment in collaboration with the breeders of the region: a very good example of collaboration and harmonious life with the great fauna! I take beautiful lessons of life and relationships to the wilderness!”

Yves Fagniart, Wildlife watercolor artist, Belgium



Yves Fagniart, 野生动物水彩画家, 比利时


June 2017


“The experience of staying with the local and very friendly yak herder families, way off the beaten track, while enjoying world-class scenery and unique wildlife is one of the most memorable of my life.  The fact that I spotted a Snow Leopard slowly making its way up a snowy ridge one morning (from the homestay!) and found a completely new breeding area for Koslov’s (Tibetan) Bunting just shows what is possible in a few days in this wonderful corner of the planet.”

Jocko Hammar, Sweden


Jocko Hammar, 瑞典

Jocko and Chris after SL sighting

Jocko Hammar and Chris Campion shortly after seeing their first Snow Leopard in The Valley of the Cats.

写于Jocko Hammer 和 Chris Campion 第一次在“大猫谷”看到雪豹不久之后


April 2017


“Few places remain where you get a sense of intact nature. A strong presence of apex predators, such as the Snow Leopard, is a sign of a healthy ecosystem. And this place is not just a wildlife experience – the people, the landscape and the wildlife made a lasting impression on me. What a privilege it was to experience The Valley of the Cats.”      – Tormod AmundsenBiotope

“只有少数地方能让你感受到纯净的大自然。雪豹等顶级食肉兽的大量存在是生态系统健康的标志。在这个地方,我不仅仅获得了野生动物的观察体验。这里的人民、风光和野生动物都让我记忆深刻。能体会“大猫谷”的美丽是多么的荣幸!” — Tormod Amundsen, Biotope