Suggested packing list 推荐行李清单

Many potential visitors ask what they should bring to the Valley of the Cats. The list below is used by some of the regular visitors. Some items are essential (e.g. a good quality sleeping bag) and others are a ‘nice to have’. This list is intended as a guide and can be tailored according to personal requirements and preferences.

许多对自然体验感兴趣的人都想知道他们应该带些什么行李到大猫谷来。 我们根据往期游客的经验给出了以下推荐携带行李清单。 其中一些是必备物品(例如一个好品质的睡袋), 另一些则是选带物品。当然你也可以根据自己的需求来添加或减少一些行李。


Passport (or ID card) 身份证(或其他身份证件)
Permit 入园准许
(the community cannot yet accept bank transfer or WeChat payments)
Sleeping Bag (3-4 season)
(Host families will provide blankets and quilts, but a good quality sleeping bag will greatly improve the experience)
Head torch 头灯或手电筒
Down jacket – Essential in all seasons except July/August羽绒服(除夏季7/8月外,四季都需要)
Walking trousers-including a water/wind proof one徒步长裤(包括一条防水防风的)
Waking boots -Snow boots for winter舒适的徒步鞋(冬季建议雪地靴)
Water bottle -Thermal if prefer hot water水杯或保温杯
Sun cream with SPF 35 or above SPF值35或以上的防晒霜
Hat & Sun glasses遮阳帽、墨镜
Basic medication kit -Band-aid, stomach medicine 基本急救包(创可贴,抗菌药膏,扑热息痛,肠胃药等)

Nice to haves
Camera and lenses, batteries, SD cards相机,镜头,电池,SD卡
Smartphone & Charger 手机及充电器
Power bank 充电宝
Light shoes for evenings拖鞋或其他室内用鞋
Gloves, warm socks, shirt, etc.手套、厚袜子、内衣物等
Lip balm, moisturiser润唇膏、面霜
Coffee sachets, tea bags 咖啡、茶包等
Your favourite snacks 你喜欢的零食
Wet wipes, tower 湿巾、毛巾
Some small gifts from your hometown for children and host familiesSmall gifts for host family 一些小礼品送给接待家庭或当地的孩子们

***If you have any hints and tips on what to pack, please let us know!***