Latest News from the Valley of the Cats “大猫谷”最新资讯

Follow the latest news from the Valley of the Cats.  Photos from camera traps, events and the local families will appear here.



8 November 2018

Two photos from a recent visit by Cédric Libert and Nicolas Gaidet.

A Snow Leopard walks along a ridge in the Valley of the Cats, October 2018. Photo by Cédric Libert.


A GLOVER’S PIKA in the Valley of the Cats. Photo by Cédric Libert.


28 September 2018

Photos from a camera trap in the Valley of the Cats go viral on social media and covered by The Mail Online and Fox News.

26 September 2018

It’s been a busy month in the Valley with several groups visiting both from China and overseas.  SNOW LEOPARDS have been seen at three different sites and there have been some great numbers (20+) of WOLF reported, as well as a sighting of LYNX on 24 September 2018 (James Eaton, Rob Hutchinson, Dan Brown and Rachael Ivesen-Brown).  Video below by Professor Per Alström.

21-24 July 2018

NatureWatch2018 took place in the Valley of the Cats, organised by the local government and ShanShui Conservation Center.  Twenty teams from across China and overseas competed to photograph as many mammals, birds and plants as possible over the four days.  In total, 13 species of mammal, 73 species of bird, 315 species of plant and 4 species of reptile were recorded.  Eight teams were fortunate to encounter SNOW LEOPARD and the image below by Hui Lang, not surprisingly, won the prize for best photo!


2018-07-24 Snow Leopard, Angsai by Hui Lang


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3 July 2018

Preparations are underway for the 2018 Wildlife Watching Festival taking place in the Valley of the Cats from 14-18 July 2018.  Not surprisingly, the event is fully subscribed with a long waiting list!  More news soon…


2018 festival prep1festival preparation2


1 July 2018

The month-long harvest of the valuable caterpillar fungus has come to an end.  It’s been a good year and it appears to have been a good harvest.  The local people are happy!



Caterpillar fungus

10 May 2018


A local horse looking her best takes a selfie with a camera trap in the Valley of the Cats!


5 May 2018


Local yak herder, Bading, captured this photo of a LEOPARD in the Valley of the Cats



3 May 2018


A TIBETAN WOLF nonchalantly passed the ShanShui Research Centre in the Valley of the Cats.  Caught on camera by the researchers.



1 May 2018


Local schoolchildren in the Valley of the Cats (Namsei/Angsai) learned about recycling and later collected trash in exchange for pencils and notebooks.


7 April 2018


The local horse festival is a major annual event where the local people can showcase their horses and their riding skills.



12 March 2018


The latest batch of photos from camera traps run by the local yak herders.


Snow Leopard - 3 youngstersSnow Leopard with sun raysSnow LeopardJun061710:56:08Jun061710:56:08

Also, two fantastic photos of LEOPARD.