FAQs 常问问题

1. Accommodation in Yushu 玉树住宿

Yushu city has many kinds of accommodation available; a comfortable hotel room is normally rated around 300-400 CNY per night. There are also hostels and other more economic choices available. Booking in advance is recommended. (You can book through various booking websites, such as trip.com; for non-Chinese residents, please make sure the hotel you wish to stay is permitted to host foreigners) 


2. How to get to Yushu 如何前往玉树

There is an airport and a bus station in Yushu. Buses from and to Xining operate daily and it usually costs around 200 CNY and the duration is 12 hours; There are direct domestic flights from Xining, Chengdu and Lhasa.

玉树市区有大巴站和机场,大巴站每天有往返西宁的大巴,时长大约12小时,费用200元左右; 机场有西宁、成都和拉萨的直达航班。

 3. Do I must bring a sleeping bag? 必须要带睡袋吗?

Quilts and blankets are provided by host families, but a comfortable, warm sleeping bag will greatly increase your sleeping experience (3 or 4-season recommended).


4.Can I bring my own vehicle?自驾可以用自己的车吗?

You can choose to use your own car or the host family’s car while you are in Angsai. If you prefer to use your own vehicle, for safety reasons, your guide must be with you at all times. And the guiding charges would be the same (1000 CNY per day). However we strongly recommend all visitors use their host family’s vehicles and let your host drive. The road conditions can be difficult in the valley, especially during inclement weather, and your local guide knows the valley very well. 


5. What is the best season for snow leopard sighting?哪个季节最容易看到雪豹?

Although tricky to spot, snow leopards are seen through out the year in Angsai. There is a steady population of at least 40 snow leopards (according to camera trap individually recognized ) living in this area. 

January to March is the mating season for snow leopard, during this period, the leopards have increased activities, and locals even hear them growling to attract mate; female snow leopards give birth during May to June, and as early as late August, the cubs of this year start to move out of the den with their mother, but the mothers are protective and more alert and elusive and harder to spot during this period. 

In Angsai, summer is the most comfortable season for humans, however due to increased rainfall, landslides can happen frequently. Whilst in winter, temperature can drop to -20c with ice and snow covering the valley, snow leopards tend to come to lower elevations following their prey-herbivores, whom come to lower altitude for grazing.

The valley of cats provides amazing natural resources and conditions needed to meet a snow leopard, but it also takes luck and patient to encounter with these mysterious creatures in the wild. Your local family will try their best to help you find one .

尽管雪豹在野外非常难以被发现,但在昂赛,一年四季都有看见雪豹的记录。 我们的红外相机数据已分别出至少40只稳定的个体,它们生活在这片区域,并不会随季节变化迁徙。


在昂赛,一年当中,夏季是人体感受最舒适的季节, 白天温度在25度左右,山谷绿意盎然,但是夏季的降雨使山区出现滑坡等状况相对其他季节频繁,出行计划应做好预留时间。冬季温度白天在零度左右,夜间可达零下20度,山谷银装素裹,动物们为了找到食物,偏向于出现在较低海拔的地区。


6. Should I tip?小费

We discourage tipping, as it could lead to behaviors against conservation, such as baiting and chasing wildlife, it could also cause conflicts within the community. If you appreciate your stay in Angsai, or would like to support the local community, a donation to the whole community would be greatly appreciated. If you wish to donate, please alert your host family. You will receive a donation certificate from community manager.  


7. Is credit card/wechat payment acceptable?可以微信/刷卡吗?

The community cannot yet accept bank transfer or WeChat payments. Please prepare cash in advance. 


8. Can I choose my homestay family? 可以自主选择接待家庭吗?

The community has adopted a strict rotation among all 21 host families to ensure each family has equal chances to host visitors. All visitors must stay with the allocated host family and should not change host family without the community’s consent.

All the families have received same training, and are familiar with their local resources. Your host family will do their best to provide you the experience of a lifetime.


每一位向导都经过了详尽的培训,也对当地自然资源非常熟悉。 您的向导家庭会尽力为您提供人生中难忘的经历。