Prices and Reservations 预约信息

This website has been created on behalf of the local community co-operative in the Valley of the Cats.  100% of the revenue from tourism stays with the local community; 45% goes to the host family, 45% to a community fund providing benefits to the whole community and 10% to community-based Snow Leopard conservation projects.


The current prices (2022) have been agreed by the local government and the local community, and include the cost of a permit (access is strictly prohibited without official permission).  They are subject to change, so please check prices when booking.

自然体验项目定价已经由当地政府与社区审核,并且包含进入许可证办理费 (只有得到政府许可,游客方可进入昂赛“大猫谷”参观游览)。项目定价随情况改变,请您在预约前核查当前定价。

The costs are based on visitors making their own way to Yushu airport or Yushu town:


CNY 300 per person per day for accommodation and food (please note there is a minimum charge of three nights).

CNY 1000 per vehicle per day, including driver/guide (max 3 sharing).  This includes pick-up/drop-off from Yushu airport and daily guiding.


交通:每车每天1000元 (最多三人一车,此费用包括向导酬劳、讲解费用以及玉树机场接送服务)



i) the local guides/drivers speak mainly Tibetan and some Chinese.  If you speak neither language, we strongly recommend hiring an interpreter.  If you need help with this, please mention at the time of booking using the form below and we will do what we can to help.


ii) The elevation of the Valley of the Cats is between 3,800 and 4,800 meters above sea level.  Altitude sickness can be serious.  If travelling from a low-lying area, we strongly advise 2-3 days of acclimatisation before entering the Valley to minimise the risk of altitude sickness.  The city of Xining or Qinghai Lake are two good places to acclimatise. See this link for more information about altiutude sickness and how to minimise the risk.


iii) Please ensure you have adequate travel insurance before you visit the Valley of the Cats.  The community cannot take responsibility for any losses.

iv) We regret that children under the age of 6 are not permitted to visit

Attention: professional photographers, film-makers and journalists

Please note that, due to the sensitivity of filming in a National Park, professional photographers, journalists or film-makers wishing to sell or broadcast footage require an additional permit from the National Parks Authority.  Please make sure you highlight that you are a professional photographer, journalist or film maker when you apply to visit.  Proof of possession of a permit to film or take photographs for commercial purposes will be required before an application to visit is accepted. Anyone found filming for commercial purposes without permission will be ejected and banned from further visits.


在本地区进行营利性摄影(动态或静态、用于传播或销售)需自行提前向三江源国家公园澜沧江园区申请,并获得国家公园许可。 在预约大猫谷自然体验时,需说明摄影计划并出示相关许可。若发现有在无证状况下进行营利性摄影的情况,将被立即请出园区,上报国家公园,并不可再次预约。

To make a reservation or to make an enquiry, please send an email to

请在上方表格中留下您期望预约的人数、名字等信息,或直接联系邮箱, 我们的工作人员会与您联系