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The “Valley of the Cats” is the name given to a spectacular and unspoilt valley close to the town of Namsei (Angsai) in Zadoi (Zaduo) County, Yushu Prefecture, Qinghai Province.  Situated on the Tibetan Plateau, the Valley of the Cats is a special place.  The 15 resident families, each with their own herd of yak, hold strict Buddhist beliefs about the sanctity of all life and, as a result, have a harmonious relationship with the wildlife and environment.  The densities of apex predators such as Snow Leopard, Leopard, Brown Bear and Lynx rival any place on Earth.


Sightings of Snow Leopards are regular and, with a host of other wildlife including White-lipped and Musk Deer, Woolly Hare, Himalayan Marmot, White Eared-pheasant, Blood Pheasant, Lammergeier and Himalayan Griffon Vulture as well as the range-restricted Tibetan Bunting and Tibetan Babax, the Valley of the Cats is a wildlife-watching paradise.

“大猫谷”是野生动物的天堂。雪豹在这个区域经常出没。白唇鹿, 高原兔, 喜马拉雅旱獭, 白马鸡, 高原兔, 旱獭, 高山兀鹫和数量稀少的藏鹀和棕草鹛也生活在这里。

Although the Valley of the Cats is situated in the core area of Sanjiangyuan (the source of the three great rivers – the Yellow, the Yangtze and the Mekong), China’s first pilot National Park, and access is strictly controlled (permits are required and independent travel is not permitted), the local government has agreed to low-volume community-based tourism from 2018 for up to three groups involving a maximum of 12 people at a time.


Wildlife watching tourism has been designed to contribute to the local community and snow leopard conservation.  45% of the income will go to the host family, 45% to a community fund (for public welfare issues such as health insurance) and 10% to snow leopard conservation.  Visitors can be confident that, as well as having an unforgettable experience, they will be contributing to the local community and snow leopard conservation.

自然体验将助力于当地社区发展和雪豹保护。45%的自然体验收入属于接待家庭,另外的45%将投入社区基金 (用于社会福利事业,如医保),剩下的10%将用于雪豹保护。自然体验者在拥有难忘体验的同时也将为当地社区发展与雪豹保护贡献力量。

The Valley is 3-4 hrs drive from Yushu which, in turn, is a 1-hour flight from Xining in Qinghai Province.


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