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04 December 2020 – Important Notice

The Valley of the Cats community-based wildlife tourism project is open for bookings, however at this time, the community is only able to host Chinese mainland citizens from “low risk” areas, subject to meeting strict health criteria. At this time, this means a green ‘health code’ AND proof of a negative COVID-19 test result no more than 14 days before arrival. The community would like to stress that the current pandemic situation is dynamic and regulations are subject to change at short notice. We recommend potential visitors take into account this risk when considering a booking. Please check this page regularly for any updates on policy. Thank you and we look forward to welcoming more people to this special place.

2020年 12月4日

尊敬的访客朋友们: 为响应配合疫情防控工作,大猫谷自然体验目前开放对象仅为来自于国内低风险地区的内地居民,暂不接待任何其他地区或国籍的访客。访客预约时需提供14日内核酸阴性检测结果以及绿色健康码,并配合社区做每日体温检测。 根据疫情变化,自然体验开放情况可能随时会有更改,我们会在网站平台及时发布消息,请各位访客朋友们注意查看。


昂赛乡人民政府   澜沧江源园区国家公园管委会昂赛管护站                 


Welcome to “The Valley of the Cats”.  Nestled on the Tibetan Plateau and through which runs one of the world’s mighty rivers – the Mekong – the Valley of the Cats is a special place.  Due to a combination of prey abundance, a lack of poaching due to the Buddhist beliefs of the local people and a pristine environment, The Valley of the Cats supports a high density of predators, including Snow Leopard, Leopard, Lynx, Wolf, Asian Brown Bear and many more special animals and birds.  Use the menu on the right of the screen to browse this website to gain a sense of the unique wildlife, the local people, the stunning scenery and the ongoing efforts to celebrate and conserve this special part of the world.  And if you’re feeling adventurous, why not visit us?

欢迎访问昂赛“大猫谷”! “大猫谷”是一块地理位置特殊的地区,它位于神秘的青藏高原,受世界上最雄伟的河流之一 – 澜沧江 – 的滋养。由于丰富的捕食资源、保存完好的生态环境和藏族传统里不杀生的影响,昂赛“大猫谷”拥有种类繁多的高级肉食动物和珍稀鸟类,比如雪豹、金钱豹、猞猁和棕熊。通过网站右侧的目录,您可以详细地了解“大猫谷”独特的野生动物种群、当地牧民、旖旎的自然风光和保护工作进展。如果您也觉得这片土地神秘独特,赶紧加入我们吧!

This website has been created on behalf of the local community co-operative in the Valley of the Cats.  100% of the revenue from tourism stays with the local community; 45% goes to the host family, 45% to a community fund providing benefits to the whole community and 10% to community-based Snow Leopard conservation projects.



The community-based tourism project in the Valley of the Cats is a community initiative.  The community would like to thank 三江源国家公园管理局 (The Sanjiangyuan [Three-River-Source] National Park Administration)、玉树州人民政府 (Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefectural People’s Government)、玉树州林草局 (Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefectural Forestry and Grassland Administration)、杂多县人民政府 (Zaduo County People’s Government) and the 国家公园澜沧江源园区管委会 (Three-River-Source National Park Administration Commission of Langcang-River-Source Zone) for their guidance and support.

The community-based conservation in the Valley of the Cats is implemented by (山水自然保护中心)ShanShui Conservation Center and supported by 阿拉善SEE(The SEE FOUNDATION),Panthera,Snow Leopard Trust,  膳魔师  (THERMOS),安迪维特(Advanturer) and 广州博冠(BOSMA).

Cover photo by Frédéric Larrey.

拍摄 Frédéric Larrey